Transaction Limits

Learn about how Transaction Limits work in Donation Store


Our plans our designed to allow all customers to have access to all of the features we offer, regardless of how big or small you are. Whether you have 2 players on your server, or 1000, you will get access to all of the features we offer.

As you grow, so to will your store and the amount of money you will turn over. To allow us to continue offering our services, our plans scale based on your monthly revenue limit. The idea behind this is that we only charge you more when you start making more.

How it Works

We operate our transaction limits on a monthly basis. You pay for a given limit based on your plan. Our cheapest plan allows you to turnover €2,500 per month in revenue. This is calculated in Euros and the payments for that month are taken into account. If you reach your limit in a given month, customers will no longer be able to make payments on your store.

If after you've reached your limit you choose not to upgrade, your store will remain live, but your customers will not be able to make payments until the next billing cycle occurs and the transaction limit resets. If you upgrade within the month period, your transaction limit will be applied pro rata. For an example, please see below.

An Example

If your network uses our cheapest plan, you receive a €2,500 per month transaction limit. If a customer tries to purchase something and you have already reached that transaction limit (you have turned over €2,500) the customer will be blocked from purchasing. If you purchased your subscription on the 12th of the February, your transaction limit will be reset to on the 12th March meaning that customers can continue to make payments.

If you choose to upgrade to a bigger subscription to allow you to continue taking payments outside of your next billing cycle, the transaction limit will be applied pro rata. For example, if you upgraded to a €5,000 per month subscription after having turned over €2,500 that month, you will have a remaining €2,500 for that month.

Unlimited Transaction Limit

Our Enterprise plan offers Unlimited Transactions with no monthly transaction limit. Plus, we don't even take a percentage of your profits!. It's designed for large scale servers who need room to grow!

For more information about Enterprise visit Our Enterprise Features.


If you have any questions about our Transaction Limits, how they work or our Enterprise plan, please do not hesitate to Reach out to us through a Support Ticket or on Discord and we will help you get setup!

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