Learn about Donation Store Self Hosted


Welcome to the Documentation regarding Donation Store Self Hosted. Donation Store Self Hosted is the version of Donation Store whereby you install it on your server and manage it yourself. We also offer Donation Store Cloud. It's documentation can be found at Introduction.

You can choose a variety of docs that are unique to Self Hosted in the Self Hosted sub-menu on the left hand side. Any docs that are common across both Donation Store Self Hosted and Cloud are listed outside of the two sub menus.

If you have any questions about Donation Store Self Hosted, please do not hesitate to Reach out to us through a Support Ticket

Get Started Quickly

Install Donation Store

Find out how to install Donation Store on your VPS and how to setup your first webstore

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Install the Plugin

Find out how to install the Bukkit, BungeeCord or Sponge Plugins on your Minecraft Server

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Start with your Use Case

Get an SSL Certificate

Get a free SSL cert from Let's Encrypt

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Import Payment Data

Import data from your previous provider.

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Changing Database

Switching or setting up a new database

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Have Questions? Open a Support Ticket

View Common Issues on the Knowledgebase

Video Guides on YouTube

Other clients and Donation Store developers hang out on our Discord server, where you can ask for support in #ds-chat, or if you are a Client and you don't uet have your Client role on Discord, let us know and we can add it. Once added you get access to our private Client's support channel.