Setting up the Discord Bot

Learn how to setup the Official Donation Store Discord Bot


The Donation Store Discord bot allows for you to sell virtual packages on your store, whether it be alongside your game server or standalone. The Donation Store Discord bot allows for the virtual goods and services to be awarded in your Discord server immediately.

Based on market research, the bot has been provided to you to run on the same server as Donation Store. Because of this, there are a number of steps you will have to follow in order to get it up and running.


The Donation Store Discord bot can award packages automatically, but it can also act as a menu/buy area for your members whether it be for donations or for actual ranks. From within your Discord server, members can browser the packages on your store and type a command to be redirected to a cart where it has been added.

Where to Get the Bot

While the install guide will explain how to install the bot on your server, the bot can be obtained easily from the Donation Store website. The install guide will cover how to download it onto your server.

Creating the Bot on Discord's Site

Navigate to the developer applications page on Discord here.

And select "New Application" on the right hand side. Give your bot a name like. You could use your server name if you want!

Next, upload an image for you bot and give your bot a friendly description. Can't think of what it should say? Here is a description that we have provided that explains what this bot does, which we recommend you use:

This is our own instance of the Donation Store Discord Bot that is used to fulfill commands purchased on our webstore

Adding Bot Details to Webstore

On the same page as the name and description, copy and paste the Client ID and Client Secret and Paste both into the Settings -> Webstore -> Discord area of the Donation Store Control Panel. These will be used to communicate with the Bot.

Setting up OAuth2

Donation Store uses OAuth2 to allow for the app to get user information on the users behalf. For example, when a user purchases a package that has Discord actions, it must get the user's correct username, from Discord, so it can be verified that that person owns that account and so that the actions can be properly fulfilled to the user.

When the user gets the option to "Login with Discord", the customer logs in with Discord, Donation Store then gets a token that is used to request a token that entitles it to read the users username and their avatar. This is then used to get the user's username.

So click OAuth2 in the left hand side of the current menu. Under redirects enter your stores URL (with the OAuth path after it):


So for an example store on store.donationstore.io, it would look like:


Add Scopes

Scopes are what Donation Store requests to have access to related to the user on Discord. Donation Store only needs their username, so choose "identify". By choosing this, Donation Store will now be able to request the user's username and avatar on behalf of that user.

Add Bot on Discord

Finally, to control aspects of the server there needs to be a bot. Think of a bot like a user you can invite to your server that can control different aspects of it, however it isn't controlled by a user, instead, by code.

Click Bot on the left hand side and create a bot. Give it a name and an icon. At the bottom of the page, under "Bot Permissions" choose the following:

  • Manage Roles
  • Kick Members
  • Ban Members
  • Send Messages

After Adding Bot

Now that you have setup the bot with Discord, please follow the next doc that explains how to Install the Discord Bot on your server.

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Other clients and Donation Store developers hang out on our Discord server, where you can ask for support in #ds-chat, or if you are a Client and you don't uet have your Client role on Discord, let us know and we can add it. Once added you get access to our private Client's support channel.