Using the Discord Bot

Learn how to use the Donation Store Discord Bot


This doc gives you information on how to actually invite the bot to the server, connect it and also information about the commands available and the Discord Menu system.

If you haven't already, please make sure to follow the Setting up the Discord Bot doc and the Installing the Discord Bot.

Creating the Bot on the Control Panel

Just like normal game servers on the Donation Store Control Panel, you must create a Discord server in the Settings -> Servers section of the Control Panel. After this, you can use the Secret Key provided in the next steps.

Invite the Discord Bot

You can invite the Discord bot to your server by click "Invite to Server" in the Servers section of the Donation Store control panel. Once you click it, choose what server you would like to add the bot to.

Connecting Bot to Your Webstore

You must now connect the bot to your server by running the following command in a channel the Discord bot is in. Replace the URL with your webstore's URL.

ds!connect [secret_key] http://store.donationstore.io/api

Store Menu

The store menu is a unique feature with the Donation Store Discord bot. It allows you to display a shop menu within your Discord server. This can be generated by any of your customers, or, it can be placed in a channel and locked so that customers can view it only.

To generate a Store Menu run the following command in any channel

ds!store [List of Categories to Display as IDs] [Channel]

If we wanted to display Categories Ranks and Premium ranks (which have IDs of 9 and 10 respectively) in the store channel, we would run

ds!store 9,10 store

This will then return this

Customers can now click to view the webstore, view the packages in that category, or even run a buy command, which will automatically redirect the user to the store where they can enter their username and the package in question will be added to their cart.

Customers can run the following command to add it to their cart

ds!buy [Package ID]

This will return the following

When the customer clicks "Click to Buy" they will then be redirected to the store and the above flow will occur (auto add to cart)

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Other clients and Donation Store developers hang out on our Discord server, where you can ask for support in #ds-chat, or if you are a Client and you don't uet have your Client role on Discord, let us know and we can add it. Once added you get access to our private Client's support channel.