Manual Upgrade

If you need or want to perform a manual upgrade, you can find instructions on how to do so here.


While newer versions of Donation Store allow for updating using the Automatic Updater, there are certain rare cases where you may need or prefer to perform an upgrade manually. This is ideal in cases where the automatic updater fails to properly update, or if you're using an older, unsupported version of Donation Store.

In general, you are encouraged to use the automatic updater instead - as if mistakes are made, it is possible to damage your Donation Store installation beyond repair. If you know what you're doing and wish to proceed with a manual update, continue on to the next section.

Before you Update

Before performing any updates, you should take care to ensure that you do the following:

  • Back up your installation folder (usually in /home/donationstore/env)
  • Back up/dump a copy of your database

Failing to have a backup of your webstore could result in your store being unable to be restored at a later date - requiring you to reinstall your store from scratch without advanced technical knowledge.


Once you've made sure to take backups of your installation, you can begin the update process.

First, stop your instance of Donation Store by running the following commands:

service donationstore stop
service donationstore-app stop
service donationstore-celery stop

First, you should make sure to copy most files from the downloaded .zip, making sure to EXCLUDE the following files:

  • /DonationStoreV2/settings.py
  • /templates/store/* - You should ensure that if you have made any changes to any of the default themes, that you migrate them to their own folder instead as per the Theme Creation Instructions - as the default themes will be overwritten during this process

Once you've done this, you should then perform any database migrations according to the instructions on this page.

Once this is done, if there are any specific steps that are listed for your specific version, you should then perform those now.

After all steps are complete, you should then be able to start your store once again using the following commands:

service donationstore start

If you experience any issues after the upgrade, you should refer to the debugging information. In a worst-case scenario, you may need to revert your installation to the backups you created before.

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