HTTPS and SSL Certificates

Learn how HTTPS works and how to get an SSL Certificate


Every website should have an SSL certificate, but even more so those who process payments. Your customers data should always be encrypted when being transported. That's why with Donation Store Cloud you get a free SSL certificate and we Don't charge extra for it.

Both default sub domains (.donationstore.io) and custom domains (store.network.com) are covered for free SSL certificates. Plus, don't worry, we will handle all of the setup and renewals.

How to get an SSL Certificate

The only requirement for getting an SSL Certificate are that you have a valid Donation Store Cloud subscription. If it's a default sub domain your using, it will have a cert already. If it's custom, when you add your custom domain, we will generate an SSL Certificate for you. For more information on how to use custom domains please read our Sub Domain and Custom Domain doc.

Please make sure that you have followed the above guide. Donation Store will verify that you own the domain both when adding the custom domain and when generating the cert, so if you do not have the CNAME record created properly, it will not be able to generate a cert for you.

If you face Issues

If you face issues at any point, please do not hesitate to Reach out to us through a Support Ticket or on Discord and we will help you get setup!

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Other clients and Donation Store developers hang out on our Discord server, where you can ask for support in #ds-chat, or if you are a Client and you don't uet have your Client role on Discord, let us know and we can add it. Once added you get access to our private Client's support channel.