Installing the Discord Bot

Learn how to Install the Discord Bot on Your Server


The Donation Store Discord bot is installed on your server alongside the main Donation Store application. It can be on the same server as Donation Store or it can be else where.

The setup is similar to the main Donation Store app setup as it comes with its own setup script.

Like the main Donation Store app, the Discord Bot requires Python v3 or greater.

Download the Setup Script

Like the main application the Discord bot comes with its own setup script that you can use to install it on your server.

Change to the home directory and pull the latest version of the setup script

cd /home
wget https://donationstore.net/static/download-files/discord/setup.py

Run the Setup Script

To run the setup script, remain in the home directory and run

python3 setup.py [your Discord Bot Token]

python3 setup.py [your Discord Token]

service donationstore-discord start
service donationstore-discord stop
service donationstore-discord restart

Change Discord Bot Token

To allow the Donation Store service to take the Discord Bot Token as a parameter, Donation Store maintains a .serviceconf configuration file specifically for the service.

To change the Discord token you can just edit the service configuration file related to the Bot. Simply navigate to the bot's directory and open the service config file with a text editor like nano or vim

cd /home/donationstore-discord/env

vim .serviceconf

It should look something like


Replace the token then restart the bot

service donationstore-discord restart

Next Steps

Now that the Discord Bot is up and running on your server, it needs to be invited to your server and connected to your webstore. To find out how follow the Using the Discord Bot guide.

Have Questions? Open a Support Ticket

View Common Issues on the Knowledgebase

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Other clients and Donation Store developers hang out on our Discord server, where you can ask for support in #ds-chat, or if you are a Client and you don't uet have your Client role on Discord, let us know and we can add it. Once added you get access to our private Client's support channel.