Comparison Table

Learn how to automatically generate a Comparison Table for your Category


While server networks offer a wide variety of different packages/products for sale, one type that is quite recurring are ranks. A lot of the time, ranks are tiered, i.e. there is a cheap one, a slightly more expensive one, then the most expensive one. The number of ranks can vary, but traditionally, the cheapest gives the least perks/features with the most expensive getting the most perks/features.

You could display these as a list or grid, however when the packages are tiered like this, a lot of the time it can be really nice to compare them in some sort of table. With other providers to achieve this, you'd need to write custom HTML and CSS that would have to be updated manually when anything changes. Plus, your sales etc. wouldn't display properly unless you did it yourself.

With Donation Store, you can automatically generate a comparison table that changes whenever you change any detail in the control panel. Lets check it out!

Category Features

Comparison Tables work by grouping common "features" in a given category together. A Category Feature can be thought as something that all packages in the category have a value for. For example, if you have a Rank category, you may have a Category Feature named "Chat Name Colour". Then, for each package, it would have a relevant value according to it.

In the above table, the Category Features would be "Chat Name Colour" and "Chat Prefix Test". These can be anything! So if your ranks have features like "Currency Amount", "/nick command", they can go here!

To add a new category feature, simply navigate to the category you want to set comparisons up for, choose "Comparison" for "Display category as", then click "Add Feature" on the top right.

Your category can have as many Category Features as you want!

Package Values

Package Values relate to Category Features. For every Category Feature you add, it must have a Package Value corresponding to it. This value can be anything you like, it can even be blank. For example, a Category Feature of "Chat Name Colour", might have a package value of "SILVER" for the VIP package and "GOLD" for the VIP+ package.

Using the above example again, the Package Features would be SILVER and [VIP] for Chat Name Colour and Chat Prefix respectively.

To add a package feature, navigate to your package in the Control Panel and scroll down to "Package Features". Donation Store will automatically create fields for every Category Feature that this package is in.

You can put anything in the feature value. It can even be HTML so you can add icons! By default, our themes come with Font Awesome added, so if you want a tick or some other icon you can!

By adding HTML to get Icons and colours, plus, by pasting emojis, you can get something like

The Finished Table

For basic demonstration purposes, you can achieve something like this with very minimal effort thanks to how Donation Store implements Comparison Tables

Of course, this is our basic default theme, like everything, all of this can be customised to suit your networks style/colour. Some of the Donation Store themes created by third party theme creators are already supporting this.

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