Collection of Donation Store Analytics

Learn about what data is collected with your permission, why and how it's collected and where it's stored


Donation Store collects analytics with your permission to fuel the overall quality and safety of the Donation Store network. Collection of these analytics is opt-in. You can change this at anytime in the application settings area of your application. We do suggest though that you share analytics by default because doing so ensure the following for you and all other installations of Donation Store:

  • User Lookups giving comprehensive reports regarding users across the entire Donation Store network
  • Chargeback information/chargeback threshold to prevent payments from users who are known for charging back
  • Ban information

Please realise that the more data that is collected, the more accurate Donation Store can be with its assumptions. It is in your best interests for Donation Store to be accurate to detect fraud.

What we do with the data and where is it used?

Donation Store does not use the collected data for any other purpose other than for detecting fraud/chargebacks, creating user reports and collecting ban data. It does not sell this data to third parties or use it for any other purpose other than the above.

If how Donation Store uses your data you will be emailed well in advance with the proposed changes and the options you have in terms of removing/opting yourself out of the collection of analytics and also requesting for any data collected to be deleted.

Data is linked to your license key, so it is per-license.

What exactly is stored?

The following data is stored and collected:

  • User Ban Data - When a user is banned on your server the username of that user, the time, their IP and the reason they were banned is collected and stored. This is used as part of generating a User Lookup report when it is required.

  • Payment Data - We record payment data so that we can determine how many of those payments were successful vs how many were chargedback. By doing this we can come up with a chargeback threshold which allows your webstore to block a user from buying a package if their chargeback rate is above the threshold. By doing this, users can be blocked using data from the whole Donation Store network rather than just your webstore.By providing this data, you are ensuring that if someone buys something on someone elses webstore the user who chargedback on your webstore will be accounted for on theirs if thats the user buying the package. This works both ways meaning you take advantage of data from their purchases too. Just to note, the payment amount or personally identifiable information is not shared with any other webstore.

Where and how is the data stored?

The data collected is stored in a MySQL database on a server provided by Digital Ocean in the United Kingdom.

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