Built for Networks that Need no Limitations

Donation Store Enterprise is designed to allow customers to hand over the task of creating and managing their store to us.

We run your store on Dedicated Hardware in a Region of your choice and continue to manage and monitor it. You get unlimited transactions and we don't even take a percentage of your profits!


  • Region Deployment Choice
  • Dedicated & Isolated Running Environment
  • Failover Infrastructure for High Availability


  • Unlimited Transactions
  • No percentage of Revenue Taken
  • Priority Feature Development
  • Custom Pricing


  • Ongoing Application Monitoring & Management
  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Live Support
Fast Setup

We can get your dedicated store setup with all the above features within a couple of hours.

Independent from Cloud

Your store will run in an isolated, dedicated environment occupied by just you. You will be separate to our Cloud Platform

Take Back Control of your Profits

Our Enterprise prices are customised based on your network. You pay a fixed amount, regardless of your monthly revenue

Not just a Platform, a Partner

When you are a large scale Network, you need someone who has your back and knows what they are doing. As your store is your main revenue stream, let us use our knowledge and our safe and secure software to manage and control your store.

Reach your Business Goals

Allow us to guide your network to the best setup possible so you can forget about managing your store and instead focus on reaching your business goals.