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Handle your game server payments automatically
and easily

Donation Store is a self hosted webstore and help desk for game servers. It allows you to automatically handle payments and donations allowing you to expand your network.

Donation Store is the first Self Hosted webstore and Helpdesk for Game Servers.

Start building fast, beautiful and modern looking websites in no time using our theme.

Always Updating

We are always adding new features to Donation Store from user feedback. We are also always trying to develop new ways to make payments easier for server owners.


Access to code allows you to customise it as much as you want. Our documentation covers customisation from minimal HTML all the way up to developing functional addons.

No Monthly Fees

Donation Store allows you to pay once up front and never have to worry about paying ever again! Whilst extra support warrants a continued subscription.

Packed with the Features you have come to Expect

Donation Store offers all of the features that you have come to expect as standard. It also offers Enterprise level features in its base package.

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Why Donation Store?

Enjoy your server whilst using Donation Store. Every single aspect of Donation Store was designed to maximise productivity, increase efficiency, extend customisation, and allow easy integration leaving you to manage your server.

  • Access to HTML, CSS and Source Files*
  • No Programming Knowledge Needed to Get Started
  • Integrable with Current Technologies


Check out our developer documentation or our documentation relevant to customising, setting up and using Donation Store.

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Need some Support?

Do you need some support with your installation of Donation Store or do you want to ask some pre sales questions?

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