Donation Store is in the final stages of testing before release! We apoligise for the delay but it a release is impending. Check back here for more information.

Donation Store is...

Automated, portable, fully customisable and beautifully simple. Donation Store takes the most requested features by Minecraft server owners and provides it in a clean self hosted environment.

Packages & Categories

Unlimited packages, categories and sub categories allow you to create virtual products that can be sold to your players.

Sales, Coupons & Gift Cards

Offer users coupons, create sales and even sell gift cards. This is proven to increase conversions and overall revenue.


Variables allow you to request other information from customers in order to personalise their packages at checkout automatically.

Virtual Currencies

Virtual Currencies allow you to reward players in game automatically (with the Donation Store plugin) allowing them to purchase on your store without using real money. (Good for voting etc)

Help Desk

Donation Store comes with a fully fledged help desk allowing your customers to create tickets if they have any queries. This is proven to ease the daunting task that is handling mass support.

Package Gifting

Players can gift packages to other players simply by just checking the option at checkout and entering their username. Gifting packages is a great way to increase sales and overall revenue.

Guess what? That's not all! Check the full feature list for all features

Why Donation Store?

Enjoy your server whilst using Donation Store. Every single aspect of Donation Store was designed to maximise productivity, increase efficiency, extend customisation, and allow easy integration leaving you to manage your server.

Completely integrate Donation Store with your existing code base and styling. Complete access to HTML & CSS files allows you to customise to your hearts content and implement other re existing tools or modules. No programming knowledge? No problem, Donation Store's front end can be customised with ease.