V2.4 - Released, Stripe and PayPal Auto Chargeback Evidence

V2.4 Has been Released along with Stripe and PayPal Auto Chargeback with Evidence Integration

Mark Barrett May 11, 2020, 12:55 p.m.


Hey All,

This is a quick blog post to announce that V2.4 has been released for immediate download. It fixes some bugs but also adds automatic chargeback evidence generation and submission for Stripe and PayPal to Donation Store. (Full changelog at bottom of Blog Post) You can see a video of that below.

If you are upgrading you can see the change log on in the release notes of your license. Please follow the release notes carefully.

I know some people are still considering Donation Store, so to make the decision a bit easier and to celebrate 2.4, use coupon TWODOTFOUR to get 20% off Donation Store at the checkout. This coupon is a lot more limited and I don't see if hanging around for long as it is tied to the number of uses.

Now that V2.4 is released I will be focusing my attention on getting a demo up and running, but also working on a separate project that I will make a blog post about soon!

If you have any questions please do not hesistate to reach out to me personally at: [email protected] or on Discord
See you in the next blog post!

- Mark

Full Changelog
  • Updated to Python 3.8 and Django 3.0.6
  • Stop non super users from being able to delete super users.
  • Loyalty Rewards Setting Gift Card Current Balance Properly
  • Added "Include Global Commnds" and "Exclude Package Commmands" when adding a manual payment
  • Language Auto Detection from listed files in /languages
  • Fixed docs links
  • Fixed module spelling mistakes
  • Added ability to change from email in SMTP information
  • Fixed certain group permissions that were having issues and fixed issue where the same perm was listed.
  • Fixed package gifting so that only the packages being gifted have the giftee's UUID, the others that aren't being gifted don't have it
  • Fixed currency issues
  • Added Category slug so you can go to yourdomain.com/yourcategory, instead of a number/ID
  • Fixed issue where the packages weren't being sorted properly by price if selected in category
  • Fixed permissions so that if theres more than one existing it will pick one instead of throwing an error
  • Fixed permissions for fraud permissions. They fall under "Chargeback Case" Permissions
  • Made it so that System Logs can now be viewed through the Control Panel instead of through the database
  • Fixed issue where ticket replies could be sent by both staff and customers with an empty body
  • Added permissions for viewing statistics
  • Fixed issue with Coupons and Gift Cards being added to the Webhook request incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where Coupons and Gift Cards stay in your cart after the payment is made
  • Fixed issue where the redeem limit per coupon per user wasn't working
  • Fixed issue where the expiry of a coupon for the total number of redeems wasn't working
  • Fixed issue where allowing a coupon on a certain basket wasn't working
  • Fixed issue where start date on coupon wasn't working
  • Fixed issue where minimum basket amount wasn't working
   Gift Cards
  • Completely overhauled how gift cards are handled at checkout. Originally it involved taking the money from the card first and then letting the payment continue. However this was problematic as if the payment was abandoned the user would still have money taken from them
  • The money from the gift card is only taken after the payment has completed and extra error handling and notifications have been added to stop Gift Cards from being used simultaneously/being abused
  • Made Gift Cards deletable and editable
   Stripe, SCA and Chargeback Evidence
  • Re-implemented Stripe to be inline with SCA
  • Fixed refund handling on Stripe
  • Added chargeback evidence auto generation (PDF) for Disputes on Stripe and Chargebacks on PayPal
  • Made Stripe evidence be automatically submittable to Stripe from the Control Panel


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