Core Pricing

Pricing to Suit all Networks


per month
All Features
Configuration and Management
Premium Updates & Support

Please Note, each new server network, requires a separate license, even if they are on the same IP.

Services & Addons

Support & Upgrade Access

Get access to ticket support and Donation Store updates for 60 days.

Installation Service

Have Donation Store installed and configured for you by a Donation Store Developer.

Branding Removal

Receive written permission to remove the "Powered by Donation Store" Branding from on of your webstores.


When you buy a Donation Store license you receive a certain support and upgrade period. You are able to download full versions of Donation Store within this time period. When this period has expired you will have to extend your update access for €15 for 2 months. You will then receive all updates that are currently present. All security and bug fix updates are always provided free of charge.

Not at all. You can setup and run Donation Store like any other platform. If you don't have technical knowledge of installing applications, you can avail of our installation service for €30. With this you can request a time that suits you to install the application. We will also setup Systemd daemons so you can run the application like a service.

The current generation of Donation Store is 2. A whole generation/version would be defined as a complete re write in some major way of the core Donation Store platform. For example, if Donation Store was completely re-written and new features added, that would signify a new version (V3) and a new purchase would be required for this.

Yes. If you want to purchase any of our products please contact sales through a support ticket telling us what products you want to purchase and your billing address. We will generate an invoice and provide you with bank details. Upon receipt of the funds we will manually create your license.

Full installation of the core application, setup of the installation process and the creation of Systemd services to run and manage Donation Store as a service.