Pricing to suit all Customers

No hidden fees. Pricing configured by you.
  • €250 p/M Revenue Limit
  • Standard Support
  • Always Updated
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  • Unlimited Monthly Revenue
  • No percentage of Revenue Taken
  • Hosted on Dedicated Hardware
  • Managed by Us
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Self Hosted

125/ once off
  • Hosted by you on your Server
  • Every feature we offer
  • Perpetual License
  • 12 Months of Updates & Support
  • No Transaction Limit
  • Standard Ticket & Community Support

Please Note, each new server network, requires a separate license, even if they are on the same IP.

Support & Upgrade Access

Get access to ticket support and Donation Store updates for 60 days.

Installation Service

Have Donation Store installed and configured for you by a Donation Store Developer.

What's Included

We don't tier our pricing based on features and give the best features to the highest paying customer! Regardless of your plan, you get Every Single Feature we Offer

Control Panel
  • Packages & Categories
  • Variables
  • Recommended Packages
  • Dark & Light Mode
  • Payment Importer
  • Statistics
  • Advanced Payment Filtering
  • Random Commands
  • Global Commands
  • Taxes
  • 10+ Languages
  • Themes/Templates
  • Subscription Payments
  • Gifting
  • Modules
  • Pages/CMS
  • Support Tickets
  • Built in HTML, CSS & JS Editor
  • Influencer Referrals
  • Player Referrals
  • Virtual Currencies
  • Webhooks
  • Teams & Groups
  • Discord Bot & Discord Actions

Payment Gateways
  • PayPal
  • Stripe
  • Paymentwall
  • Paygol
  • paysafecard
  • Mollie
  • Xsolla
  • OneBip
  • SSL Certificate (Free with Cloud)
  • Access to Global Chargeback Network
  • Auto Chargeback Evidence Generation
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • User Lookups
  • User Bans
  • Coupons
  • Sales
  • Gift Cards
  • Loyalty Rewards

Pricing FAQ

When you buy a self hosted Donation Store license you receive a certain support and upgrade period.

You are able to download full versions of Donation Store within this time period.

When this period has expired you will have to extend your update access for €15 for 2 months.

You will then receive all updates that are currently present. All security and bug fix updates are always provided free of charge.

Not at all. You can setup and run Donation Store like any other platform. If you don't have technical knowledge of installing applications, you can avail of our installation service for €30.

With this you can request a time that suits you to install the application.

The current generation of Donation Store is 2. A whole generation/version would be defined as a complete re write in some major way of the core Donation Store platform.

For example, if Donation Store was completely re-written and new features added, that would signify a new version (V3) and a new purchase would be required for this.

As your network grows in size, chances are the amount of money you turn over will also increase. More money turned over means more requests to the Donation Store servers.
To enable us to provide a scalable platform that remains effective to all users, your monthly fee will increase based on how much money you turn over to accommodate for the extra costs incurred from your network.

To view the price points for all monthly transaction limits, sign up for Cloud now and use our pricing calculator!

Yes. If you want to purchase any of our products please contact sales through a support ticket telling us what products you want to purchase and your billing address.

We will generate an invoice and provide you with bank details. Upon receipt of the funds we will manually create your license.

The Cloud version of Donation Store offers a complete SaaS solution ready for you. With cloud, all the heavy lifting is done for you by offering an all in one solution ready to go and setup. It also comes with the latest features always available to you and your customers, as long as the subscription is active.
With this, cloud allows you to setup your first webstore in under a minute.

The Self Hosted version of Donation Store allows you to deploy Donation Store on your infrastructure. It allows you to configure, customise and scale Donation Store yourself under your control. You have access to customise Donation Store and have access to things like data management etc.
We recommend Self Hosted for large networks who are comfortable with setting things up themselves and managing their platform.


Reach out to us for a custom quote by Opening a Support Ticket.

Under certain circumstances yes! If we believe that the sponsorship would be mutually beneficial we can provide licenses.

To find out more information and to find out if your server is eligible Open a Support Ticket.