Packed with all the features you
expect and then some

Control Panel

At the heart of any application is it's Control Panel. The Control Panel is used to manage every aspect of your webstore. It has been carefully designed with every attention to detail to give you the easiest experience controlling your webstore.

Packages & Categories

Packages & categories are the foundation of any webstore. They allow you to create real work packages that cost real money or virtual currency. These packages are then setup with commands that are executed when the package is purchased.

Organise your packages into categories and even have sub categories so you can offer your customers your products in a organised manner.

Packages & Categories

Variables are additional pieces of information that you can request from the user. These can come in the form of alphanumeric information or you can ask the user to pick an option from an already defined list created by you.

You can customise their package by asking for additional information and also charge customers more money for particular options.

Dark Mode

Spend a lot of your time looking at Donation Store or night? Or just prefer everything in dark mode? Donation Store has a fully built in Dark Mode. It is as simple as toggling it in the top nav.

Dark mode is configured/toggled per-account, so if another staff member doesn't want to use dark mode, that's fine, it'll be on your account only!

Dark Mode
Payment Import Tool

Currently with another provider? Want to move to Donation Store but don't want to have to start again/manually enter payments. Not to worry, Donation Store comes with it's own Payment Import Tool that takes CSV files and creates payments on Donation Store.

All you have to do is link up the newly created packages, upload your payments CSV file and voila, your payments are now in Donation Store.

Import Payments

Statistics are incredibly important. They give you a invaluable insight into how your store is doing, what are you top products, top categories etc. With this valuable information, you can use Donation Store's selling tools to promote certain products more so to increase their sales.

Can see a trend that a certain period is lacking in sales? Put a sale on then or give people a coupon!

Advanced Payment Filtering

We have spent a lot of time perfecting what we call the "Advanced Payment Filter". No other competitor lets you filter payments and other large sums of data in as much or as little detail as Donation Store.

You can filter by every field and you can use a wide variety of operators to refine what you are looking for.

Advanced Payment Filter

Different countries have different tax rates. By using Taxes, you can apply a certain tax rate to a geographical location. We will then apply the given rate to the customer visiting your store.

Advanced Payment Filter


Customer's like discounts and they are a fantastic way to drive customers to your webstore. Stores can use discounts to see a huge increase in customer adoption and retention. Donation Store offers a variety of discounts all for different scenarios with the aim to generate more sales for you.


Coupons are a very popular method of driving attention to your webstore. With Donation Store, you can offer coupons to your players and configure them with a huge array of options. Offer an amount off, a percentage off or even both!

Coupons can be used to reward players for performing certain actions, like voting!


Is your store experiencing a temporary drop in sales? Or perhaps its a special event and you want to offer some discounts? Maybe you want to make your prices look heavily discounted? With Sales you can offer discounts store wide on certain packages, categories, or even on everything in the entire store.

Offer a percentage off, amount or both! You can also associate commands to sales so you can execute things when someone purchases during a sale, like a broadcast message enticing other users to buy.

Gift Cards

Gift Cards shouldn't be an "Enterprise Only" feature. They are a huge portion of a store. Linked in with other aspects of the store, Gift Cards can be used to purchase credit on the store on behalf of another user.

Like any gift card, this can then be used to purchase packages from your webstore.

Loyalty Rewards

Have a favourite coffee shop? Do they offer loyalty cards? Buy 5 coffees, get the 6th free? Wouldn't that be awesome to have on your store? Now you do!

Offer rewards to loyal customers/ones that keep coming back, by automatically giving them a Gift Card or Coupon for them to use on your store!


There are quite a few Donation Store features that fall under the idea of "Engagement". Whether that be between you and your customer or you and your team members, Donation Store tries to build an engaging platform that all stakeholders feel connected under.


Referrals allow you to offer a link to influencers or people who provide some marketing on your behalf. This link allows you to then track how much traffic is being sent to your store.

You can also see how many of these visitors have made purchases (conversions) and the conversion rate itself. This is invaluable information when determining the reach your partners/influencers are providing.

Player Referrals

Player referrals allow your customers to provide the IGN of the player who suggested they make some sort of purchase on your webstore.

You can setup your player referrals to award players when they have made a number of referrals or have even been responsible for a total sum of money. You can award them with Gift Cards, Coupons or Virtual Currencies!

Virtual Currencies

Virtual Currencies are a fantastic way to handle your in game currency. You can reward players with Virtual Currencies automatically using our plugin, for things like Voting etc.

Customers can then use the Virtual Currency they have generated to purchase package from your webstore. Customers can also buy Virtual Currency which can be used in game!


Have some extra logic you want to run when something happens? Perhaps you want to verify a user is signed up on your webstore before you let them login? No problem!

We will send webhooks on login or payment events to a URL of your choice. We will take a different course of action depending on your response!

Teams & Groups

If your Network/Server has more than one staff member, you can easily create a team account for them. You can choose what permissions they have on the control panel.

You can even organise certain team members into groups and apply permissions to those groups directly.


The webstore is the first thing your customers see when they visit you. We have included a large list of features that help you sell as much of your packages as you can. Whether it be features to cross sell or up sell, or to ensure that your customers have access to the payment gateways they need.


Accept a variety of different gateways from a range of countries

PayPal Logo
Paymentwall Logo
paysafecard Logo
Paygol Logo
Mollie Logo
Xsolla Logo
Stripe Logo
Onebip Logo
Comparison Category View

A nice way to display packages is in a comparison chart view. You could use this to show off the many different ranks you have and their features. Most providers require you to make some hacky HTML to achieve this.

With Donation Store, Comparision Categories are a standard feature that can be enabled for any category. The table will be automatically generated for you.

Comparison Category

Translated into over 10 languages


Modules are small widgets that can be placed in your store. We have a variety of built in modules like Top Customer, Payment Goal etc.

Don't see a module you need? You can connect any rendered module to backend Python code and customise it yourself (on Self Hosted)


Donation Store comes with two default themes. One is more basic than the other to allow for customisation. Don't like what we offer? Customise it yourself!

Or choose a theme from or great ecosystem of 3rd Party Theme Developers!

Comparison Category
Subscription Payments

Donation Store supports one time and subscription payments. If you want to charge your customer an amount every x amount of time you can! You can create Subscriptions for a daily, weekly or monthly basis!


Sometimes there is some other information you would like to convey with your customers. These can be put on your main website, or you can integrate them directly into your webstore with Pages/CMS.

Each page is made up of one or module, meaning you can display more than just text!

Comparison Category

We all love to receive gifts, but we like giving them too! Donation Store fully supports gifting packages to other players. These are awarded in game to the lucky player.

This can be configured by you to operate under certain conditions, like which packages can be gifted.

Global & Random Commands

Create commands that run on every single payment, or use our Random Command feature to randomise the choice of a given command out of a set of commands.

Each command can be given a probability to make some more likely to be given than others.

Random Command
Support Tickets

Every store is going to once in a while have some queries from it's customers. We thought it would look much more professional, plus it would be easier for you to manage if we provided an area for your customers to create support tickets.

Be notified when a customer opens a ticket and see, at a glance, all of their purchases and other tickets, making it easy to solve issues.

Support Tickets


Unfortunately, sometimes people engage in fraudulent activities. In the Game Server world, one of the most prevelant is Chargebacks. Where a user pays for goods or services and then disputes the fact that they received them. With them receiving a refund.

Chargebacks can be costly to a server owner, so we have features in place to be as transparent as possible when it comes to providing evidence on packages received, but also to try and block chargebacks before they happen using our global fraud network.

Auto Chargeback Evidence

When you receive a Chargeback from a customer, the next step involves the Gateway in question asking you for a response to prove that the packages purchased by the customer were indeed received.

This can sometimes be hard to prove, however, we have created functionality that allows us to Automatically Generate Evidence regarding a customer's chargeback. In the report are the dates the purchases were awarded, along with their IPs and the number of previous payments they've made.

With Stripe, this report can be submitted to Stripe for you automatically.

Advanced Payment Filter
Chargeback Whitelist

Sometimes customers are wrongly accused of Chargebacks. If someone uses their username on their behalf they might get a reputation that doesn't look too good.

The Chargeback Whitelist allows you to tell Donation Store to ignore any bad reputation from certain customers.

Global Chargeback Network

Regardless of if you use Donation Store Cloud or Self Hosted, you get access to our Global Chargeback Network. This network is an ever growing ever learning network that records occurences of Chargebacks on Donation Store powered webstores.

This data is then used to prevent users who have charged back before on any Donation Store powered webstore from doing so within your set Chargeback Threshold.

User Lookups

Not sure about a particular user? You can check them out by performing a user lookup on their username. You will receive information of their overall global chargeback rate (how many times they have chargedback vs made legitimate payments and a list of their bans on other networks.


Sometimes customer need to be removed from your store altogether. With bans, you can stop a user from accessing your webstore in the future. This ban data (if enabled), is then used to fuel the Global Chargeback Network that Donation Store maintains to mark that user as a potential risk in the future.


We started out with the plan to support game servers. Initially we started with Minecraft, but later added Discord Integration. We plan on adding more and more integrations in the future so that you can use your store to power other game servers you may own.

Minecraft Servers

Our first integration. Use Donation Store to sell packages on your Minecraft server using one of our Minecraft based plugins. We develop our plugins to work on the most popular servers.

Bukkit Logo
Sponge Logo
Bungeecord Logo
Velocity Logo

Our Minecraft plugins are open source and can be found on our Github Repository. Want to make customisations? Or want to contribute a particular server type/version, or see something you want to improve? Open a Pull Request, we would be delighted to add it!


We have built a Discord Bot that allows you to sell Roles/Ranks, Ban/Unban users, or even send messages. These actions can be attached to packages just like commands.

If you use Donation Store Self Hosted, you can even customise the bot itself as it runs on your server alongside the store!