End User License Agreement

Last Updated: Oct. 27, 2020

Please do not steal our software. A small team have been working on Donation Store products for over 4 years. The cost to reproduce these products for a custom platform would be in the thousands of dollars. We are not a large company, we are small and we all share a vision of of creating the best products for running game servers. Please consider purchasing a legitimate license to continue supporting our efforts.

This End User License Agreement is a legal agreement between you (either you individually or collectively on behalf of your business entity) and Donation Store. Before you install any of our products you must read and understand this EULA, as installation of any of our software is an agreement of our EULA and you are therefore bound to this EULA. It contains termination and warranty information and some disclaimers. If you do not agree to these terms, do not install this software. Continued use of this software signifies your continued acceptances of these terms and any changes to them. At anytime these terms can change. However we will notify you in advance of any terms coming into affect in enough time so you can decide whether or not you would like to continue using our products. Inline with the below terms, you do not own Donation Store, but when purchased, you have a license to use it.

  1. Upon purchase of Donation Store, Donation Store grants you a limited, non-exclusive license to (a) install and use the software and (b) make a single back-up copy on one single machine by you of the registered software for archival purposes.

  2. The software is licensed to you and only you. You may not rent, lease, sub-license, sell, assign, pledge, transfer, or other dispose of the software on a temporary or permanent basis without the prior written consent of Donation Store. Each license is granted to one person or company only. If more than one person or company wants to use the license they must have their own individual license.

  3. The software comes as a full package. None of the parts/components of the software may be operated for installation or separate use.

  4. This software is only licensed to operate on a single domain.

  5. Unless you are provided with written permission, the "Powered by Donation Store" branding in the footer must remain. If you want more information about how this can be removed inline with this EULA, please contact us.

  6. Backup copies must be an exact original copy of the software as it was downloaded from Donation Store. If you make a copy of software that has been illegally copied or modified to work around any Donation Store's authorisation techniques, you are in direct breach of our EULA and it is not allowed.

  7. You may not alter, merge, modify, prepare derivative works based upon, adapt, translate the software in any manner whatsoever, unless it is specified in the allowed modifications. If you decompile, reverse engineer, disassemble, or otherwise to convert any of the compiled code into human readable code, or using Donation Store to create or host another application that has the same primary function as Donation Store, you are in breach of our EULA.

  8. What is allowed and not: What is allowed:
    • The complete or part removal or addition of HTML and CSS in Donation Stores templates or CSS files (outside of the "Powered by Donation Store branding, which inline with point 5, must remain)
    • The addition of any other scripts that do not harm the way in which Donation Store operates.
    • The addition of Python code that does not infringe on any of the below points.

    What is not allowed:
    • The removal of any Donation Store Python source code (Python backend code) to circumvent any authorisation or license checking mechanisms.
    • The addition of Python code which works around Donation Store code, or its authorisation mechanisms.
    • Modification of any Donation Store installer in any way.
    • Modification of the Donation Store API (included with the app), the IPN, any Donation Store middleware, or the IPN modules.
    • The use of any Donation Store API, service, code or any code/property in any other software or product in line with point 7.

    If you want to customise aspects of Donation Store, checkout the customisation section of the docs.

    Please note that Donation Store cannot offer support to anybody who finds problems as a result of modifying the source code of ANY file with their own code. Support can only be provided to vanilla installations or with installations that only have template code modified.
    Donation Store is not responsible for any loss or damages caused due to the modification of code by any party.

  9. If you are hiring a third party developer to create a theme for your store, you may not give them access to the full source code of the application. You must enable auto reloading on Gunicorn so that it reloads on code change. You must only give them access to the template file they are working on by creating a FTP user that is linked to that directory.

  10. You agree that Donation Store may audit your use of the software for compliance with this agreement at any time upon reasonable notice. You agree to co-operate with Donation Store and any auditors that Donation Store chooses to nominate to complete the audit. This includes but is not limited to access to the facilities in which the software is stored, or including without limitation the facilities which house the hardware upon which the software is installed. In the event that an audit like this reveals any illegal activities against this EULA, you agree to reimburse Donation Store for all reasonable expenses related to such an audit, and all other liabilities you may experience due to this non compliance.

  11. Donation Store authentication system works with Donation Store servers to prevent unlicensed or illegal use of the software. You acknowledge and agree to such authentication system and agree that it can be used to (a) monitor your use of the software, (b) suspend of disable access to the software in whole or in part incase of a breach in this agreement and (c) terminate the use of the software upon expiration or termination of this agreement. You agree not to block, interfere or circumvent any operation or aspect of the authentication system including communication between Donation Store and the Donation Store servers.

  12. By using our products, you you grant us indemnity against all liabilities, including but not limited to, costs, expenses incurred, damages and loses (including and not limited to direct or indirect consequential losses), loss of profits, penalties, legal costs, loss of reputation or interest and loss of business. We are in no way liable for any presenting or hidden circumstances that my occur from using our software.

  13. Any data sent to us or used on our products that is non confidential (while we collect minimal data like this), can be used, modified, displayed or transmitted.

  14. Need more information?

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