See how our customers build their stores

Our customers use Donation Store because of it's high level of customisability, but also because of the shear number of features it offer compares to other platforms as standard

Astex Prison uses Donation Store to create a completely custom template and to use its wide variety of Enterprise features as standard.
The Far Lands uses Donation Store to break the mold of what a server store is supposed to look like to create something completely custom.
Pluto Gaming uses Donation Store to provide it's customers with a unique experience from start to finish. One that stands out amongst the rest.

Trollandia is an Italian Minecraft Server Network that has a variety of different gamemodes and game types.

Why Donation Store?

Trollandia host all of their server's dependencies themselves on dedicated hardware. Their servers, their panels etc. They wanted to move to Donation Store Self Hosted to be able to control their store and their data themselves plus, move away from having to pay monthly fees.

"Donation Store is really solid, secure and stable and is becoming more and more user friendly in each release. The developer is great and is super friendly. The developer is always trying to make the customer happy and will always listen to suggestions!"

Owner of Trollandia Network

It's not just our customers who love Donation Store

Our Theme Developers love working with Donation Store and we support them every step of the way!

TripleZone is a well known theme developer in the Minecraft Space. He has made themes for a variety of different applications.

TripleZone's Themes

TripleZone's theme has been custom built from scratch for Donation Store. It is the most successful theme in the Donation Store category and is being used by a huge amount of Donation Store customers. At Donation Store we promote and encourage developers to build products for Donation Store and we will support them in any way we can!

"As a Theme Developer for Donation Store, I have to say, it's brilliant! So easy code, the developer always helps you if you have questions about the template that you build. The software is getting better and better, they are always listening to your suggestions. I recommend this service for your Minecraft server!"

Donation Store Theme Developer