v2.5.7 Release Notes


  • paysafecard added
  • Onebip addded
  • Comparison Category issues where categories were being deleted
  • Require online always showing "No"
  • Manual payments fixed with require online setting
  • Added "AND/OR" selector to payment filters
  • Added "Test Webhook" so you can test your webhooks
  • Default New template doesn't display sale price on comparison category, fixed
  • Added Delete payment option
  • Fixed issues with Subscription notifications from PayPal
  • Fixed Stripe address lines required
  • Fixed modals in Dark Mode
  • Fixed issue with View Payment button
  • Made server type mandatory on creation
  • Game Server typo in Servers page
  • Various webstore nav fixes
  • Issue with rounding of prices on 3 significant decimal places fixed
  • Added updater dependencies (shows whats running and whats not)
  • Fixed user lookup avatars not showing properly

Installation Instructions

You can install the update with the updater, but please make sure that:

  1. RabbitMQ is running: service rabbitmq-server status
  2. Celery is running: service donationstore-celery status
  3. And you have changed permissions of directories properly (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bskEFQkwbbo)
  4. We've added a "Owner" field to each webstore, so after installing, you'll need to run the following commands in ssh to add you as the owner (Each command on a new line):

  5. cd /home/donationstore/env
    source bin/activate
    python manage.py shell
    from controlpanel.models import Webstore, User
    webstore = Webstore.objects.all().first()
    user = User.objects.get(username='username')
    webstore.owner = user

  6. Restart Donation Store