v2.5.6 Release Notes

Pre 2.5 Update -> This Version

Backup everything in the /home/donationstore directory

To install v2.5, simply copy and paste the contents of the following files (and overwrite)

  • DonationStoreV2/middleware (DO NOT REPLACE CONTENTS OF DonationStoreV2 just middleware)
  • api
  • controlpanel
  • install
  • ipn
  • languages
  • other_modules
  • static/assets
  • static/default-new
  • static/default
  • static/control-panel
  • store
  • templates

Then continue to install some dependencies that are new and apply migrations

source /home/donationstore/env/bin/activate
pip3 install reportlab==3.5.42
pip3 install python-dateutil==2.8.1
cd /home/donationstore/env
python manage.py migrate

Now restart Donation Store and Nginx

service donationstore restart
service donationstore-app restart
service donationstore-celery restart
service nginx restart

If you are running Cloudflare, make sure to clear cache because this update includes updates to static files that will have been cached.

There have been changes to the default template. To see the changes, you can now visit the Donation Store templates GitHub repository and see the changes made to the template: https://github.com/DonationStore/templates/compare/8187c44..37336d6