v2.3.2 Release Notes


  • Fixed gateway offset issue
  • Fixed issue with gateway offset not being included in payment value but the customer still charged
  • Fixed issue where you can't gift a username with underscores
  • Added stricter validation on Offline usernames as they don't have the luxury of being verified by the Mojang API
  • Fixed issue where Recommended Packages wouldn't delete list of recommended packages.

Upgrading from v2.3 to v2.3.2

Drag and drop the following files from the new updated download. * means all files, if the individual file name is listed, just replace that file.







Upgrading from v2.2

There are quite a few file changes in this update. All of the file changes are drag and drop. Simply drag the contents the following folders from the update you downloaded, to the folder on your server:

  • DonationStoreV2/middleware
  • controlpanel
  • languages
  • other_modules/DonationStoreEmail
  • other_modules/DonationStoreIPNHandler
  • static/asserts/css
  • static/asserts/js
  • store
  • templates (Only the HTML files, not the individual folders)
  • templates/emails
  • templates/forms
  • templates/install
  • templates/store/default

There haas also been some database updates.

If you have already installed Donation Store and have gateways, your going to have to delete the following gateways in order. This is a breaking change that had to be added to allow for permissions to work properly and won't happen again

  • controlpanel_stripegateway
  • controlpanel_paygolgateway
  • controlpanel_paypalgateway
  • controlpanel_paymentwallgateway
  • controlpanel_xsollagateway
  • controlpanel_molliegateway
  • controlpanel_gateway

Once they are deleted, drag the following file into /home/donationstore/env/controlpanel/migrations


Please navigate to:


and run:

python manage.py migrate

Then restart Nginx and Donation Store

service nginx restart

service donationstore restart

If you have caching enabled in Cloudflare etc, purge it.

Known Errors when updating and their fixes

  • Unique Constraint Failed on Gateway - Even though Donation Store isn't listing it, there may be a gateway in the database that you should delete by it's type, whether it be PayPal, Paygol etc.
  • Unknown Template https://yourstore.com/store/default/1/modules/example.html - If you have previously created modules before the update, Donation Store has updated how it handles them with v2.3. So delete any previously created modules and re-create them.