Donation Store V2.1 Released to The Public

Mark Barrett Feb. 1, 2020, 10:18 a.m.


It's Mark here from Donation Store. Sorry it has been quiet on the Donation Store front over the last couple of months. I had other personal matters to attend to. Incase you didn't know Donation Store was release to pre orderers a couple of months ago and I have been working through getting the first release candidate ready for the public.

I'm glad to announce that Donation Store V2 is now available to the public for immediate download, if you would like to get it, simply visit the link below:

If you aren't sure about it yet, or want more information, you can email me personally at [email protected], or, if you would like to schedule a time for us to setup a voice call for 30 minutes or so, I can run you through the main features of Donation Store and why it's a good idea to switch to using us!

The plan for the next coming weeks is to monitor the usage of the application and tailor the API servers to best match the demand. Then we will move onto implementing a Bungeecord and Spigot plugin.


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Mark Barrett

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