Donation Store is in the final stages of testing before release! We apoligise for the delay but it a release is impending. Check back here for more information.

Under Construction
Please Excuse Us

We are working on developing a new site and client area, sorry for any inconviences.

What does this mean?
We used to run our client area with WHMCS, however their product does not fit our needs and is not customisable enough to suit us. Therefore we are redeveloping our website which will be fully custom. We have backedup any data that was stored in our current system, i.e client information and orders, and will be transferring it to the new site when it is available.

With the new site will come new features like more in depth accounts, better support tickets and blogs and better support for documentation for developers and for people who want to customise their solution

As it is a custom solution, we will be able to improve how downloadable file are managed and also how updates are handled, allowing us to build our own update client.

As always, if you have any questions, please go to our Discord or email us at

We are working our hardest to get this released as soon as possible, however below is a preview of what we are working on.