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End of 2017 Report

To start, some stats:

4,900+ new lines of code

1 new team member

(His name is Cory, he is awesome, more information below)

1 new support ticket system

A quick introduction:

Thank you for reading the 2017 end of year report for Donation Store. This report is going to go through details of what has been going on for the last few months, what the future plan in and lots more information like features and pricing.

As always you can contact us about any of this by using our new ticket system. Anything non technical, please send to sales!

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Development Update:

Control Panel

Control panel development is completed as much as can be at this point. The further development of the control panel cannot continue until the store front has been complete. To this moment the following things have been implemented and are working as tested on the control panel side:

  • Unlimited Webstores
  • Packages and Categories
  • Variables (Dropdowns, Alphabetic, Numeric, Email, Minecraft IGN)
  • Coupons
  • Sales
  • Gift Cards
  • Payments
  • Virtual Currencies
    • Currencies that can be used in game (users balance)
    • Currencies that can be used on the store/earned in game for purchase on the store
  • Customer Profiles
    • Show details and UUID
    • Show their recent activity
    • Show payments and support tickets
    • Show virtual currency balances
  • Pages
  • Banned Users
  • User lookup on the entire Donation Store network
  • Taxes
  • Referrals
  • Activity Logs
  • Reinstate used commands from a package
  • Remove/delete pending commands that have not been awarded
  • Global Commands
  • Support Tickets

The following are waiting to be implemented once the store gets up and running

  • Design
  • Modules
  • Themes
  • Gateways

The following have not been done but are in the pipeline

  • Graphs
  • Statistics
  • Users
  • 2 Factor Auth
  • Email Notifications
  • Community Goals


Development on the store front is on going. This is possibly one of the most complex parts of the entire application to program as all the information saved from the control panel must be taken and made sense of in order to do what it is meant to do. Here is a list of what is done so far:

  • Home Page
  • Categories
  • Login with Minecraft Username
  • Add things to cart
  • Select assigned variables
  • Assigned variables reflect on cart and its value
  • Add coupon or gift card
  • Pin code that is assigned to each customer that is used to use their virtual currency balance against the cart value

What has to be done:

  • Log transactions
  • Implement Gateways
  • Construct an order for the plugin
  • Redirection

There is more than the above but in finer details that have been brushed over, however it is all being worked on.


Development on the plugin is pretty much complete. It is waiting on the store to be complete before it can be developed further. It is developed for Spigot but will be developed for Sponge and other requested platforms.

Introducing This was talked about briefly:

Donation Store Mobile

The beautiful React Native has allowed us to develop mobile apps to go alongside the Donation Store app without having to develop seperate apps, one for Android using Kotlin or Java and Android Studio, or one for iOS using Swift. So why are we making a mobile app? Who can use it?

Why make a mobile app?

Donation Store Mobile is being developed in order to let server owners be notified about their store when it is linked with their webstore. We also want to implement multiple features for the players that can make transactions easier. Here is a full feature list:

  • Notify server owners when packages are purchased, support tickets are opened etc.
  • Allow customers to make easy purchases using the app. QR codes in game can be scanned using the mobile app which lets the user "Express Pay" for a package making it easy to purchase apps on the go

Who can use it?

The app will be free to download on the Play Store or the App Store (hopefully), and can be used by any customer. If the user is a server owner they will have to have to have a certain license type (explained later).

1 New team member:

Cory #digiw0lf

Donation Store has added a new team member, his name is Cory. Cory approached Donation Store with an interest in the product and it's development. He was also looking to help out in any way he could. Over the last few months Cory has interacted more and more. Cory has came up with some good ideas about Donation Store and oftenly we ask him his opinion on a lot of different matters regarding Donation Store. He always gives his feedback and tells us if it is a right move or not. He is quite closer to the Minecraft community then we are as most of the time we spend developing, he spends building research about the market and finding out what players like.

Because of this, Cory is now the site manager of Donation Store, congratulations Cory. Cory will be helping with the non technical side of development and he will be found answering support tickets and helping out customers!


This is probably one of the most asked questions about Donation Store and we can finally release our pricing and a description as to why we priced our products the way we have.

We have came up with these prices based on the current price of our competitors and also from calculations of how long it would take to pay this off compared to other services. It is a greater initial investment but because of the fact it is a once off payment, the return on investment is high.

We charge €2.50 extra per sever per month because our DRM licensing system needs to contact all active servers in order to validate each purchase. In order to do this, it must recieve requests from every server on the network at any given time. The price for an extra server covers this cost, but also creates a relationship with the customer. Any person who purchases an extra server subscription is granted continued support as long as this is paid for.

Donation Store Launch is a large product used to upgrade and start a webstore from the ground up. It is a large investment for servers who want to have a huge edge and want their web store configured and optimised as much as possible. When Donation Store Launch is purchased, a relationship is formed between Donation Store and the client. This relationship allows for closer 1 on 1 support.

The entry plan (Lite) is priced inline with other software on the market today like XenForo and WHMCS. We believe that the selected prices reflect both the quality, customisability and potential return on investment from using Donation Store. Pricing was also created based around a recent market survey we conducted to find out the prices people will pay for this software.

Here is our entire product line:


Demo (14 days)

Only Sales Support
1 Webstore
1 Server
Most Recent Version Hosted by Donation Store


Small Network (Once Off)

Unlimited Community Support
No Advertisements
Unlimited Webstores
10 Servers
30 Days of Updates in Current Generation.


Medium Network (Once Off)

30 Days Ticket Support
No Advertisements
Unlimited Webstores
20 Servers
30 Days of Updates in Current Generation.


Large Network (Once Off)

60 Days Ticket Support
No Advertisements
Unlimited Webstores
30 Servers
60 Days of Updates in Current Generation.

Support and Upgrade Access for 30 Days

Unlimited ticket support and updates in the current generation for 30 days.

Installation Service

Installation of Donation Store and it's dependencies by a Donation Store developer. (Does not include configuration)

1 Extra Server

This allows for 1 extra server on a particular license.

Donation Store - Launch

Donation Store Launch allows the people who created Donation Store to help customers launch their webstore. Launch offers the following:

  • Donation Store Pro
  • Server software setup
  • Donation Store Installation
  • Initial Configuration
  • 60 Days Ticket Support
  • 60 Days Private Slack Channel
  • Performance Optimisation

€450 Once off

Get Started, Contact Sales

New support ticket system:

Our all new ticket system allows you to open Sales and Technical support tickets. Sales tickets are open to anybody as long as they have a Donation Store account, however if you need Technical support, then you must have a valid purchased license of Donation Store.

Emails from us will notify you anytime there is a change to your ticket, or if there is a reply.

Donation Store Support


We look for partners who share our passion, are friendly, can support Donation Store's efforts and that can represent and share the Donation Store brand. Contact us now to apply to become a partner.

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We have just added a new partner:

Yvsse Hosting

Yvsse Hosting are a web and Minecraft hosting company that offer affordable solutions to clients regardless of their needs. Yvsse Hosting have plans for school/college students who have a low income and need cheap hosting, but also have plans for larger companies who need a lot of space, ram and more.

A quick preview video:

That's all!
Thank you for reading the Donation Store End of 2017 report

If you have any queries again please do not hesistate to open a ticket.