When security is being advertised as a USP or as an addon feature you know its bad news. That's why Donation Store and its features are secured with the following features to ensure safe and secure transactions.

HTTPS and SSL Certificate

As Donation Store is self hosted you can take advantage of a free SSL certificate with Let's Encrypt.

CSRF, XSS, SQL Injection and Clickjacking Protection

Modular and interchangable componente between layouts and even demos.

User Lookups

We try to collect ban data from Donation Store apps worldwide, and we can provide user reports based on this information.

Password Hashing

Donation Store uses the PBKDF2 algorithm with a SHA256 hash, a password stretching mechanism recommended by NIST.

Ban Users

You can ban users from your webstore or entire network. This can also be reflected in game if you would like.

Chargeback Whitelist & Fraud Protection

Donation Store uses its own global API to determine a customers tendency to chargeback.

Chargeback Cases

We provide a full chargeback solution for some of our gateways (PayPal and Stripe), that not only protects your store from chargebacks by allowing you set custom commands, but we also keep you updated on the entire dispute process.

Get emailed when a chargeback is opened, where a chargeback case specific to that payment is created. You can view it's current status, the responses it has received from the gateway, the commands that have been executed both initially and after the chargeback directly from the Donation Store control panel.

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2 Factor Authentication

Donation Store comes with 2 Factor Authentication which can be enabled or disabled. We recommend it to be enabled all of the time. Backup Tokens can be generated too. These can be used if they do not have any devices that have sufficient 2 Factor apps. New codes can be generated and codes can never be used more than once.

2 Factor Authentication can be enabled/disabled for the entire application or for individual accounts.

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