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Built for customisability

We use technologies for Donation Store that are easy to use but also incredibly powerful.

Built by developers for developers

Coded for customisability in Python for easy access. New apps can be started akin to the main application enabling customisation without affecting the main apps normal operation.

API For Open Extensibility

Whether your current tech stack aligns with ours or not, it doesn't matter, addon applications can be written in any language which can interact with our REST API.

Minimal Coding Knowledge

Donation Store is built using core technologies that are easy to learn. Don't want to learn programming? Don't worry you can still customise Donation Store.

Add Anything

Because server side and client side code is editable you can literally add anything you can imagine to your webstore.

Developer Documentation

We want you to customise your installation of Donation Store for your own use, or even to distribute your extension as a Donation Store Marketplace. We've written documentation on the best design practices and best way to get started developing addons and customising Donation Store.

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Ready to get started?

Have you seen how awesome Donation Store is? Click get started if you would like to start getting Donation Store implemented for your network. If not, contact us and we can give you more information!