Donation Store is in the final stages of testing before release! We apoligise for the delay but it a release is impending. Check back here for more information.

Self Hosted

Donation Store is the first and only self hosted webstore and helpdesk solution for Minecraft servers. This allows you to have full control over the entire codebase letting you integrate with current websites or applications.

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Simple Integration

Donation Store can be simply integrated with your current website or platform and can be styled accordingly to look like one fluid platform. Donation Store documentation also allows you to extend the base application as much as you like.

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Having access to source code allows you to customise the look and functionality of your application. This allows you to make a unique shopping experience for customers that stands out amongst other server networks.

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No Monthly Fees, No Contracts

Donation Store is a once off payment that does not require you to ever pay again! (Apart from addon support, updates and larger networks). We do not even take a percentage of any transaction, it's all yours to keep!

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Dedicated Support

Our dedicated support team is available to answer all technical difficulties you may encounter with any of our products.



Donation Store is powerful, it has all of the features that the market leaders have and then some. We are always look for more features to implement!

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Packages & Categories

Packages & categories are the foundation of any Minecraft webstore. They allow you to create real work packages that cost real money or virtual currency. These packages are then setup with commands that are executed when the package is purchased.

Organise your packages into categories and even have sub categories so you can offer your customers your products in a organised manner.


Variables are additional pieces of information that you can request from the user. These can come in the form of alphanumeric information or you can ask the user to pick an option from an already defined list created by you.

You can customise their package by asking for additional information and also charge customers more money for particular options.

Coupons, Sales & Gift Cards

Coupons, Sales & Gift Cards are the main discount items provided with Donation Store. Coupons can give amount discounts or percentage discounts on chosen packages or everything. Redeem limits and expire times can also be set. Sales are applied without the need to enter a Coupon code

Gift Cards can be purchases that can be used on the store. The number of coupons and gift cards per basket can also be changed.

Virtual Currencies

Virtual Currencies can be purchased by users with real money which is equated to the exchange rate you set. These currencies can be used to purchase certain packages (chosen by you).
You can also hook your current currency economy on your server into Donation Store's plugin (or use the built in one), and award players with currency they can spend on your store for doing particular tasks, like voting on a topsite etc.


Donation Store has a fully fledged CMS which allows users to create pages that can be hidden, password protected or login required. The layout on these pages can be changed and each individual column can be filled with as many pre made modules as you would like. These are ideal for staff pages or for implementing features outside the scope of a webstore.


Referrals can be setup to track user's purchases. You can create referral links which when used are tracked. The number of clicks is recorded, but so to is the number of purchases. If a user uses the link and makes a purchase then the purchase is recorded and the conversion rate is calculated. Conversion rates are excellent indicators to see how effective a particular link is.


Modules are pre built features which can be integrated with your pages or you webstore. They include things like checking Gift Card Balances, Show the Top Customer, Text Boxes, or even Featured Packages and Payment Goals. A webstore can have as many modules as it needs and custom modules can be built to extend the pre built features of Donation Store. Custom modules can be built using the Donation Store Developer Documentation which is provided for every person who purchases Donation Store.

A Beautiful, Simple, Feature-Rich Store Front.


Donation Store gives complete access to HTML and CSS so you can customise and integrate your store as much as you want.


Place modules on your home page or in created pages, or even create your own custom modules using our documentation.

Support Tickets

Donation Store is the first Minecraft webstore solution to offer support tickets for the use of customers to contact server owners.

Payment Gateways:

.. with more coming soon (in development)

In 9 Languages

When security is being advertised as a USP or as an addon feature you know its bad news. That's why Donation Store and its features are secured with the following features to ensure safe and secure transactions.

and SSL Certificate

As Donation Store is self hosted you can take advantage of a free SSL certificate with Let's Encrypt.

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CSRF, XSS, SQL Injection and Clickjacking Protection

Donation Store is built on Django framework which allows us to offer these security features as standard.

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Password Hashing

Donation Store uses the PBKDF2 algorithm with a SHA256 hash, a password stretching mechanism recommended by NIST for hashing passwords.

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2 Factor Authentication

Donation Store comes with 2 Factor Authentication which can be enabled or disabled. We recommend it to be enabled all of the time. Backup Tokens can be generated too. These can be used if they do not have any devices that have sufficient 2 Factor apps. New codes can be generated and codes can never be used more than once.

2 Factor Authentication can be enabled/disabled for the entire application or for individual accounts.

User Lookups

We try to collect ban data from Donation Store apps worldwide, and we can provide user reports based on this information.

Ban Users

You can ban users from your webstore or entire network. This can also be reflected in game if you would like.

Open Source Code = Limitless Customisation

Developer Documentation

Donation Store comes with its own Developer Documentation to help people customise and develop the base version even further.

Minimal Coding Knowledge

Donation Store is built using core technologies that are easy to learn. Don't want to learn programming? Don't worry you can still customise Donation Store.

Add Anything

Because server side and client side code is editable you can literally add anything you can imagine to your webstore.

Seen enough?

Have you seen how awesome Donation Store is? Click get started if you would like to start getting Donation Store implemented for your network. If not, contact us and we can give you more information!

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