A webstore for selling virtual goods and services

Donation Store is the first and only self hosted webstore and helpdesk solution for game servers. This allows you to have full control over the entire codebase letting you integrate with current websites or applications.

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Enterprise Features as Standard

Plus, unique, innovative, standout features

Donation Store comes with a huge list of features, included most of the enterprise features offered by other platforms

To make Donation Store standout as the prime solution, we have added a huge list of unique features too

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Loyalty Rewards
Random Commands
Virtual Currencies


March 2020

Added: Mollie Gateway, Added Integrated Sub Domain Support, Created better Install Script

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April 2020

Revamped Modules and Docs, Added: Loyalty Rewards, Recommended Packages, Romanian Language

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May 2020

Stripe and PayPal Chargeback Evidence, Upgraded to Python 3.8 and Django 3.0

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Revamped UI, Added: Discord Support, Random Commands, Comparison Features, Polish Language

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Always Updating

Remaining ahead and innovative against competitors

We really do value your opinion. Ever since Donation Store was released, we have been continually adding our own features, but also ones requested by customers.

Feature requests aren't reserved for only the biggest networks, we take each seriously, regardless of how small you network is.

More revenue, more money for you

Make more revenue with Donation Store

While we offer Enterprise features, we don't take a cut of your profits. Whatever revenue you generate is yours.

Compared to our competitors, you will make more revenue and your return on investment will be higher. Reinvest your profits in your server, or don't, buy the latest iPhone, what you do with it is none of our concern.

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Breakeven after initial investment in

2.7 months

Compared to a competing "Enterprise" plan

5.4 months

Compared to a competing "Fully Featured" plan