Packages & Categories

Create packages and put them into categories. Each package or category can have commands associated with it so when it is purchased they will be executed.


Variables allow you to give your customers a choice when purchasing a package. This choice can then be stored for later use in a command etc.


Create coupons on particular categories, whole categories etc to let customers get discounts by entering a coupon code at the checkout.


Create a sale on a particular category or the whole store. A sale will give a constant percentage or amount discount on what you choose.

Gift Cards

Allow users to buy gift cards for other players. A gift card code is then sent to that player which they can use on their basket and check their balance with.

Virtual Currencies

Virtual Currencies allow you to set an exchange rate for your virtual currency and real money. Users can then purchase this currency, or earn it in store and use it as a payment method.


Our Content Management System allows you to create unlimited pages, with whatever modules you want and set to a layout of your choice, without having to code anything. This is controlled from the control panel.

Banned Users & User Lookups

You can ban users from your store. With the Donation Store User Lookup feature you can also get generated reports about a particular user from the entire Donation Store network.

Ban Management & Appeals

The in development "Ban Hammer" addon will let you control your in game bans from the Donation Store control panel. Users will be able to appeal with a custom designed form on your store also.

There's More

Payment Gateways

Donation Store supports PayPal, Stripe, PaymentWall and Braintree. The Donation Store SDK also gives you the information on how you can implement a payment gateway simply of your choice.

Hidden Stores

Hidden Stores allow you to create stores that only some users can see based on if they are on a list or based on a particular link which can be set to expire.

Activity Logs

Activity Logs allow you to keep track of who has done what on your control panel and your web store. Their IP is logged too so you can ban them if neccessary.


Commands can be set per package or global commands can be set. You can also re-issue commands that have been used and cancel commands that are still awaiting execution. This can be done per player and per transaction.

Users & Team Accounts

You can setup multiple accounts to access the control panel with certain permissions. This restricts users to certain areas in case you only want certain staff memebers to do certain things like answer support tickets.

Support Tickets

The only solution that also includes a complete helpdesk with support tickets. Tickets can be assigned to particular staff members and notifications can be enabled to let staff members know. Everything you can find from a leading support solution.


Pre built modules like "Gift Card Balance Check", "Top Customer of The Month" etc can be added to a page with ease from the control panel without having to code.


Donation Store comes with a number of themes which change the appearance of your store from the click of a button. The Donation Store SDK also explains how you can create your own themes.


In depth statistics and graphs/charts to show you conversion rates etc and total sales and more in an attractive manner.

And More...

2 Factor Authentication

Every web application these days have 2 Factor Authentication as standard, Donation Store is no exception!


Create a referral link that can be shared with people to track how many people use it and how many customers continue to purcahse one of your packages.

More Coming Soon..

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