Self Hosted Donation/Webstore and Helpdesk for Minecraft Servers. Completely automated, entirely portable, fully customisable and beautifully simple. Try it for Free Buy Now

Why Donation Store?

Enjoy your server whilst using Donation Store. Every single aspect of Donation Store was designed to maximise productivity, increase efficiency, extend customisation, and allow easy integration leaving you to manage your server.


Completely integrate Donation Store with your existing code base and styling. Complete access to HTML & CSS files allows you to customise to your hearts content and implement other re existing tools or modules. No programming knowledge? No problem, Donation Store's front end can be customised with ease.

All you Need.

Donation Store was created to cover all bases by developers who have run Minecraft Servers. It is all you need to handle payments on your server automatically.

That's not all.

Check out the full feature list for a more in depth view of what Donation Store offers.