Types of Apps

Types of Apps on the Marketplace

Like specified in the Customising Donation Store category, there are a few different types of apps you can develop for Donation Store. These are broken into two main types for the marketplace. They vary on how they are sold, submitted, managed and developed. This doc will clarify the difference between them, where there are separate docs for creating and submitting them too.

  • Creating an Integrated App Theme Template or Language - These are created by you where their purpose is to be physically installed with a users application. These can be thought of as addons. When the user purchases on of these Integrated apps from the marketplace, they get files which they install with their application
  • Creating a Webhook App - This is an application that runs on your server that makes calls to the Donation Store API on behalf of the user. These can be things like SaaS apps that the user can sign up to. These are more than likely, monthly subscription services that run on a month to month basis

The purpose of describing both of these is that the approaches for creating, submitting and managing them are different, the submission rules for each is also different.