The Basics

Learn About how to Customise Donation Store

Whether or not your are customising something for use on your own store or if you are doing it in order to sell/distribute a Donation Store addon, there are 4 main types of customisation/app you can create. These are:

  • Theme/Template - These effect how the application looks from a theme standpoint (CSS), but also how it is structured (HTML). To create a theme or a template you can make a copy of the Default Donation Store theme and go from there. You can create your own CSS files from scratch, however it is advised that you start with a copy of the Default template because there is embedded JavaScript code and other elements that must be present for any template to work.

  • Languages - Languages allow for you to create custom language specifications using our Language files so that they can fit your local. There are a wide variety of different languages you can use already built into Donation Store, however if there is one that you cannot find you can create it yourself. It is advised to create a language based on the default English translation file en_IE.lang as it has all of the most complete translations and serves as a good base. If you would like to contribute your language to Donation Store for free and to empower our product more, we can compensate you in a way that fits you.

  • Webhooks - Webhooks allow for you to execute code that is stored on a separate server away from your installation. Donation Store will send HTTP requests to URLs of your choice when a particular event occurs. If you would like further information on what events can be used and how to setup webhooks, look at the webhook document here in this documentation.

  • Apps - Apps add additional functionality to the main Donation Store application, whether that me on the store front side or the control panel. These can be started in separate app folders on the same level as the store, controlpanel and api apps in the Donation Store files. The control panel and API applications are obfuscated, but this does not mean that addon functionality cannot be added by creating a separate apps. The app still has access to the data and database shared across all apps.
While the above gives a brief overview on what can be done in terms of customisation of Donation Store. The actual guides/ins and outs of doing so can be found in the Developer Docs category of this documentation.