License Policy

Learn About our License Policy

Each Donation Store license is intended for a single user. A single user is a single owner of a particular server network. It is registered to one person and covers the use of the software on the set number of servers paid for either in the package itself or with server add-ons. The license is not to be distributed to another owner/network and if the original owner has a second separate network it must have its own license and must not use the same one as previously purchased. In most cases a separate license must be purchased if the new network is being marketed as a different brand/entity to the other network. Please read our EULA for further details.

How do I use Server Connections?

Server connections allow you to connect your servers to your web application in order to execute commands etc. In order to achieve this you must setup server connections. Each license is limited to the number of connections they can have (Small: 10, Medium: 20, Large: 30). To start connecting servers simply install the Spigot, Sponge or Bungeecord plugin on your server and authorise it. For more details on how to authorise the Donation Store plugin click here. Once you authorise the plugin on a server it will automatically add that server as one of your connections on the Donation Store network. It will take 1 away from your available connections. IMPORTANT STEP These servers must be "synced' on your web application so you can pick what servers you would like packages to be executed on etc. You can "sync" servers by navigating to the Servers section of your web application and click "Sync Servers" on the top right hand side of the page. This will get the saved servers from the Donation Store network and will download them to your web application. You can then add friendly names etc to your servers to differentiate them. PLEASE NOTE (IMPORTANT) The Donation Store plugin checks for connected servers on the Donation Store network and your web application. If you do not sync servers and if the servers do not match then some packages may not be executed. You can see your connected servers under your license in your account.