Knowledgebase and Documentation

Information on How to Contact Us, Use the Knowledgebase and this Documentation

The main way to contact us is to submit a Support Ticket. If you don't have an account, you can create one for free. We tend to operate supppot during normal business hours of 9-5, however this can vary. A lot of the time tickets will be answered in the evening time GMT. Support is not given on the weekends very often unless the issue in question is severe.

Customers can purchase premium support which allows for us to give you a more direct support experience. With this you will receive a live direct chat with one or more developers through Slack. Any queries not put through Slack and submitted as a ticket will be prioritised to the top of the queue. You will receive emergency support which is "Out of Usual Hours Support", meaning that if something is wrong on a weekend or at a non business hour, it will be fixed as soon as. You can expect to have custom builds sent to you too if changes need to be made. Finally, you will be given a dedicated account manager who will manage all aspects of your license and installation. Not only will you have their direct email for conversation whenever you see fit, but you will have a direct channel of communication through Slack to their mobile devices rather than their work machines meaning they can provide support outside of hours. Having an account manager also allows you to ask questions whenever you need, get more information about upcoming releases and also request features that you feel should be present on Donation Store.

This documentation is intended for articles that are static in their nature and do not change. They give you information regarding the application itself, customising it, setting it up etc. The knowledgebase holds articles about certain topics within Donation Store and they act as a day to day area to hold changing/constantly updated information.