Installing the Plugin

Learn How to Authorise and Install the Donation Store Minecraft Plugin


This guide will give you an quick idea on how to install the Donation Store plugin on your game server. Right now we support Minecraft servers (with plans to support more in the future) through 4 main server versions:

  • Bukkit
  • BungeeCord
  • Sponge

Open Source

Unlike the original versions, the Donation Store plugins are now open source. You can view the source code below. This plugin is a "reference" plugin, so if you want to add new features or make a custom version of the plugin, fork the repo and use it as a reference. If you want to add something to the plugin, please do open a pull request and we will review it!

View the code on GitHub You can fork the repo here.

Getting a Server

To install the plugin, you will need a Minecraft server. If you want to get started and get up and running quickly, you can get a server from ElixirNode (who are our partners). You can get x discount and avail of their one click install of the Donation Store plugin:

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Connecting the Plugin

Drag and drop the plugin into your relevant plugins folder and restart your server. Once complete you need to connect it to your webstore. To do so, simply run the following command from your console:

/ds connect  

So and example of this with the following sub domain from the previous docs would be (note the trailing /api):

/ds connect SECRETKEY


Once setup, you can use the following commands in game:

Permission Node: donationstore.balance
/ds balance -> Gets a users virtual currency balances

Permission Node: donationstore.code
/ds code -> Gets a virtual currency claim code

Permission Node: donationstore.currency
/ds currency    -> Gives a user a given currency

Thats it. Donation Store will now poll your webstore's API every couple of minutes to execute purchased packages.