Importing Data

How to import data from other providers to your installation of Donation Store

If you are moving from another provider, chances are you probably have some sort of data that you would like to import into Donation Store. Right now we support importing payment data. To allow for one single unified way to import data into Donation Store, there is an example CSV file of how the data should be structured. Depending on the provider, you will more than likely have to manually format some columns to ensure consistency.

Example of the CSV file you need to provide Download it Here.

Timeouts and Crashes

When you upload the CSV file to Donation Store, it performs file operations on the data by opening and closing the CSV file. These operations, in any technology can be slow as the data is being read and written to and from the disk respectively. Because of this, the page may try and time out if you provide a file that is large enough. To combat this, before you upload, you will have to configure Gunicorn to not timeout and to just wait. This can be achieved using the --timeout flag set to some high number like 10000:

--timeout 10000