Information about how Gateways work with Donation Store

The current gateways included with Donation Store were added based on their popularity. Some of them operate slightly different then others and with the core app, some have limitations. It is advised that you should choose what gateway to support using the following information. (Won't explain their advantages as gateways, but how they are supported on Donation Store)


Probably the most popular gateway. By using PayPal you have the ability to create once of payments, subscriptions (by execution of renewal commands), handle refunds automatically (by execution of refund commands) and chargebacks (through execution of chargeback commands).


Credit Card payment handling. By using Stripe you have access to the same features as listed above with PayPal.


As of now, Paymentwall can be used to facilitate single payments only. It's integration with Donation Store does not support automatic refunds, subscriptions or chargebacks. These have to be executed by you manually.


Same as above with Paymentwall.


Same as above with Paymentwall.

If a gateway presents a feature that Donation Store does not support and you feel it should, please let us know and we will consider adding it in the future!