Downloading Donation Store

Information on How to Download Donation Store and the Structure of Bugfixes and Patches

After you purchase a Donation Store core license, you will be able to download and install both the application and the plugins immediately. We have the most stable version which we would recommend to install however there may occasionally be experimental builds which you can try. We only suggest this in a test environment or where we give consent that most of the application is fully functional with some non-critical features being experimented/tested.

All older versions of Donation Store are also given where you can view them and install them when you want. Each version of Donation Store has accompanying release notes that go through exactly what that version has/covers and any other information that is of interest.

Occasionally, bugs may be found in the application. We have a scale that we use that rates them from 1-5. A bug with a score of 5 is a bug that does not really have an effect on the functionality of Donation Store. These could be things from spelling or language translations mistakes, all the way up to things that have slight effects on the functionality like presenting incorrect information. A score of 1 is a bug that is detrimental to the functionality of Donation Store and more than likely will cause it to completely break.
When bugs are reported, we ask you to give your own score for the bug from 1-5. We will assess this and change it if necessary. In order to give the most concise and easy to handle distribution process, we group bugs of anything of 3 or lower in a single patch. For example, if 1 or 2 bugs at scores of 5 and 4 are sent, we will not issue a patch straight away as we feel the core functionality of the application can still operate without them being fixed. That is why we will group as many of these bugs together and release a patch for them.

For bugs that are scored 2 or 1, hotfixes will be sent as single file fixes as these more than likely will affect the functionality of the application.