Donation Store is in the final stages of testing before release! We apoligise for the delay but it a release is impending. Check back here for more information.

Update - Getting Close to a Release

By: Mark Barrett  April 2, 2018

As you can see we have totally updated the Donation Store site to reflect a more modern brand. We hope that is as easy to use as the last site and that it looks a lot more appealing. You may also notice we have created a Knowledge Base, which is sort of empty right now, but will be more full when Donation Store has been released.

So what is the progress of Donation Store?

Right now pretty much all of the control panel side of Donation Store is complete. There are a few things we need to finish like the Application Settings (where you license information is and all the settings related to the entire Donation Store installation), the installer and some other things that we have missed like activity logs.

As far as the store front, that comes across as being complete too, however because of the shear amount of settings on each package like expiry afters, global limits etc and the settings on each coupon etc we are still adding small features that other market leaders have. Once we have all of that implemented we will then move onto the next stage.

What is the next stage?

The next stage involves testing. We need to spend a few weeks ironing out all of the bugs so that the software you receive works exactly the way it should. With this development for the Spigot plugin will be finished and support for Sponge and BungeeCord will also be completed.

So when will it be released?

I don't want to promise an exact date as that is unknown and I don't want to disappoint, but I would like and am working hard for a summer release. An exact date will be given closer to the time and we also might be taking pre orders when a date has been announced.

How do pre-orders work?

Pre orders allow users to pay €50 up front for Donation Store, and instead of having to pay the full 100% of the price they will get a discount on the remaining price. This will be finalised at a later date.

As always if you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us here: