Donation Store is in the final stages of testing before release! We apoligise for the delay but it a release is impending. Check back here for more information.

Donation Store V2.0 Update - Release Information

By: Mark Barrett  Aug. 24, 2017

Donation Store V2.0 Update

So it has been a while since I wrote an article regarding Donation Store. The reason why is because I have been away firstly on holidays and I have moved country to study abroad for a year and that has taken a bit of time to do. But Donation Store development has started back up again and it is progressing nicely. So what can I tell you thats done? (Well compared to the demo online at the minute and the last revision I can tell you that the following is done)

User Lookups

These allow you to submit a lookup request for a particular user. When requested, your control panel will contact the Donation Store servers and it will search the entire Donation Store network (every person using the Donation Store software and have share bans checked) and a report will be sent back to you with information about that user. Some information that you will find is: - How many times they have been banned and for what reasons and what servers they have been on. - They are also given a score that is calculated using an algorithm that gives you an idea of how trust worthy a user is. - Using this score Donation Store will give you a recommendation on whether or not the user is likely to chargeback or break rules.


2 out of the three gateways have been completed. The four gateways that we have chosen to support are: - PayPal - PaymentWall - Braintree - Stripe At the minute we think that they will cover all of our needs but if more are needed we might add them in the future.

Potential Release

If development continues as it is right now we development may allow us to release Donation Store at the end of the year, as long as testing allows it. No date has yet been released but it will be. With the release there will be a couple of live streams leading up to the release date and a few copies will be given away and pre orders may be taken, but more information about that later.