Donation Store is in the final stages of testing before release! We apoligise for the delay but it a release is impending. Check back here for more information.

About Donation Store

We are Minecraft Server owners and Developers, We are Donation Store.

Our Mission

We want to provide Minecraft server owners the tools that they need to automate aspects of running a Minecraft server. Whether it be handling payments to handling votes and applications, we strive to develop the most effective efficient tools that allow servers owners to focus on the big picture, running the server.

Our Team

Our team is comprised of creative Developers from the Minecraft community with a passion for coding. We have experience running Minecraft servers and know what owners face day to day. We write clean quality code by using our experience and lots of coffee.

Mark Barrett

Owner/Lead Developer

Cory Henson


Where is Donation Store from?

We operate Donation Store globally and we have staff members remotely working across the globe too. However Donation Store was designed and developed with love in Ireland.

Donation Store Ireland

Donation Store is developed from the capital of Ireland, Dublin. Support queries, both sale and technical are managed by members of staff in the GMT timezone.

What Our Customers Say

Right now we have no customers as Donation Store has not yet been released. Please check back soon!