By: MarkBarrett on Aug. 20, 2017

Development Starting Back Up

After developers have been on holiday for the last couple of weeks, development has started back up again with more information soon.

By: MarkBarrett on July 14, 2017

Preview of all current features and the all new Virtual Currency

You can see a preview of all of the finished features in the above video. They were made possible so quickly, with error checking in mind due to ModelForms. This will speed up development hugely.

New Virtual Currencies
These are currencies that can be setup by the Server owner for each individual webstore, all of them, or for a given list of them. These are given an exchange rate and are converted and are given as an option to buy with a package if the server owner sets that in each respective package. With this you could have a store or category for people who cannot pay with real money. You can also give people in game currency using the Donation Store plugin which keeps tabs on all users' balances. This can be used to give people rewards for voting or for doing whatever, which can then be used on the server owners webstore.

Other things (some housekeeping lol)
There has been some issues with the Donation Store emails as we have moved hosting providers, but now both emails are back and running.
If you want to contact support use: and if you want to contact sales contact, however not much will be said about sales at this time.

Be sure to follow us on Twitter @donationstoremc for smaller updates.

You can also follow us on our Discord!

Thats it for now, lots more features coming this week, a huge amount of development on the Control Panel side has been done meaning that we can complete the rest within the coming weeks.

Talk soon!
- Mark

By: MarkBarrett on July 1, 2017

Plugin Licensing

I have just completed a large chunk of development on the licensing the Spigot plugin as you can see above.. It connects to the license server intermittently and checks to see if the user has a valid license or not. Hopefully now that there is a solid framework for creating commands using a CommandHandler and now that the licensing is in place, development for other platforms like Sponge etc. More to come soon.

By: MarkBarrett on June 26, 2017

New Site, Security, App and More

Development Update

So it has been a while since I posted anything about this project but don't worry, development is still continuing. For the last couple of weeks I have been working on the new Donation Store site, where you can create an account login, view support documents, new features, and there is an area where you will be able to get Donation Store in the future. Right now all you can do is login and create an account however this will put you on the mailing list for future updates and you will gain access to some of the account holder only development updates (more frequent). Why not hop over there and check it out now. I will be posting a lot of updates through the blog section of the site. You are on the site now so you can make an account here lol.
As for progress, I have continued to make security improvements on Donation Store and development of the webstore has slowed until I get the adequate security in place. I have begun testing the Minecraft plugin which will be the source of all automation on your webstore, and have started testing it with license authorisation etc. There will be more on this at a later date.
Finally development of a new HUGE element of Donation Store has also been started, namely the Donation Store Android App, (iOS coming soon). This will revolutionise the way Minecraft server owners take payments and how Minecraft players buy packages. Some of the features include, hooking in with the Donation Store plugin to generate special QR codes, that when scanned by the player with the Donation Store App, will purchase the package instantly (if the right payment method is setup), and the user is verified with a pin code. Imagine how cool it would be if you were playing on a server and a sign popped up saying "Sale on VIP ranks" or "Diamond Sword $1". All the player has to do is scan the QR code generated by the plugin and it will be purchased and awarded to the player instantly. For server owners, they can view their server details, check orders and also chat the the server from their phone without having to login. All of this is powered by the Donation Store Android App and Minecraft plugin. Check out a small preview of the app here:

As always you can follow the development updates by subscribing to the mailing list or registering an account here. Make sure to follow on twitter too for more information.

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